Prepaid Funerals Services in Sydney


No one wants to think about their own mortality or the death of a close family or friend, but death comes to us all. You can begin the funeral planning process long before your own death or if you are ill and are faced with the inevitable, planning your own funeral can be an empowering experience. You’re able to make sure things are done in the way you’d like them done and it will spare your loved ones the burden of having to make difficult decisions and incurring expenses on your behalf during their time of grief.

It is recommended that if you decide to preplan, you discuss your wishes with your family in advance. There have been many stories of people going to the trouble of preplanning but then not informing anyone and only after the funeral did the family find that their wishes had not be followed. Print off a copy of the pre-planning checklist. Plan a family dinner to go over the arrangements you want made or have made. If there is a written record it is much more likely that your wishes will be fulfilled after your death so be sure to write everything down. Make copies and give to all family members so that there is no confusion over what was said or agreed to.

Pre-Paid Funeral

With a prepaid funeral contract, it takes Pre-Planning that one step further by fixing the price of your funeral at today’s prices. There will be no more to pay and you are protected from the rising cost of funeral prices in the future.

You can select Divinity Funerals to manage your funeral. A legally binding contract is created between you and Divinity Funerals. Copies of your requirements at an agreed price (the contract) are held by yourself and Divinity Funerals. Monies are invested via Funeral Plan Management into a Friendly Society Funeral Fund.

You can choose to pay for your funeral arrangements as a single lump sum or in instalments up to and within a 3-year period.

The Funeral Director will only be paid the proceeds of your investment when proof that the agreed funeral service has been provided.

A prepaid funeral is not viewed as part of your personal assets. It is also exempt from the Centrelink and Department of Veteran Affairs Income and Assets Test. Therefore, the investment may improve your pension entitlements.

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